Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Green Computing is Sprouting Column Inches

It's really taken off but can't move for green computing stories. One we particularly like - but can't claim as our idea though we were talking to a prospect about green data centres a couple of months ago - is the cyber warming stories in the media this week. A clever "greening" of the shared service idea, it also makes me nostalgic for my days trying to get journos to stop writing about PCs and write about Wyse terminals and IBM mainframes instead.

Green tech is very chic as I found when I discovered the Treehugger blog last week when working on a client project. The blog goes into green consumerism in a depth that I've never seen over here. To find out why GBC went green last week check out the New Scientist story on a GMI poll or visit the International Herald Tribune's Green Business blog

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