Friday, 2 May 2008

The Sound of Keyboards Quietly Hissing

My week is ending with the gently hissing of my colleagues patiently puffing compressed air into their keyboards. Their aim is to dislodge all those pesky toilet seat germs that are scuttling underneath the QWERTYs. The reason is a story that's whipped up a storm of news coverage this week. Which Computer's research revealed that the average keyboard harbours more bacteria than a toilet seat. (Incidentally we did similar research for an old client four years ago. Our results included the discovery of unspeakable body hair in some sampled keyboards)

Ironically this story, which has led to our office cleansing panic and a shortage of keyboard cleaner aerosols in Richmond, appeared alongside another story about the benefits of being exposed to germs. Children who attend daycare nurseries are less likely to develop leukaemia because they build a natural resistance to infection because of germs and diseases they pick up from other children. So germs at your fingertips could actually be a good thing.

So who to believe?

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