Monday, 21 July 2008

Green PR Keeps Its Shine in the Gloom

Gathering economic gloom is said to be making consumers and businesses forget their enthusiasm for green issues. Green products and initiatives are labelled as too expensive and out of step with talk of recession. So why have we launched a green communications practice when prospects aren't looking as rosy (or vibrant green) as they did?

The reasons are simple

1. Clients want more not less advice on green communication issues. There's evidence that the first flush of green marketing back fired. So clients want consultants who can help build up credible cases for sustainability. And the issues of making our economies and societies prepared for climate change aren't going away regardless of the state of the economy

2. Sustainability suits a time of austerity. For example, green computing is about saving money on electricity and IT spending on hardware and software while continuing to use information technology to make organisations more competitive and responsive

3. We are launching our practice based on the back of several years worth of quiet but solid experience in working on green issues from a B2C, a B2B and political perspective. The market is looking for more sophisticated responses to how environmental issues are exploited, making our multidisciplinary approach so much more appropriate than other offerings.

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