Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Video On Demand: Boosting not Breaking Trad TV and Radio

We were at an interesting First Tuesday networking event last night about how video on demand is changing the media scene. The accepted wisdom is that being able to download video whenever you like will destroy traditional broadcasting. But one of the big messages that came out the excellent panel discussion was how VoD extends the impact of traditional TV. One good example is how cult TV shows like The Office which became famous in the UK on BBC2, gained its global appeal via Youtube.
On demand technology is creating a third screen. Most homes have two TVs and now the PC is becoming the third screen for watching TV on demand thanks to services like the BBC iPlayer. Strangely enough we're watching VoD at the same 6 to 9.00 in the evening time slot.
Another familiar point was made at First Tuesday. Content is king and for the consumer it's irrelevant how it is delivered - we want to be able to pick it up wherever and whenever we want and in whatever format.
So rather than replacing traditional media, online will further expand and develop it. Sure there will be some victims, probably those not able to change fast enough. For the rest of us, there is a whole new world of exciting communications opportunities for us to explore.

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