Thursday, 12 July 2007

No apple smoothies for me please

There is a website called 'Will it blend' by blender maker, BlendTec which shows how in various experiments they blend all kind of crazy stuff like toys, cosmetics, a garden hose and yes.. finally the iPhone too.

When I first came across the site, I didn't think much of it but then realised that from a Web 2.0 perspective this is a very smart viral campaign by BlendTec.

The company creates an online video show called “Will It Blend” that ranks in 5 figures on Alexa, and has already blended a range of consumer goods. It’s very clever online marketing for a kitchenware company on one hand. On the other hand, iPhone fans like myself found it somewhat painful to watch. The one prominent topic in technology news has been the iPhone, so BlendTec is obviously taking advantage of the iPhone's fame to market their product.

Apparently BlendTec videos have collectively had something around 15million views on youtube.

Having watched the video a few times, I was actually surprised by how long the iPhone's screen holds on... much longer than expected! Roll on Christmas!

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