Friday, 27 July 2007

The Web is Going Underground

We really like to order what we see. Look at the moon and the human mind sees a face. Look at a fluffy cloud and we see a Scottie dog or the shapelier parts of Pamela Anderson.

Visualising what the web looks like is another hardy perennial. Some attempts make the web look like an explosion frozen in time.

A new view adapts the principles of the London tube map to show the main stops on the Web and avoiding any attempt of illustrating the geographic realities like the actual distances between places. Read Jack Schofield's Grauniad blog for more

The result is fascinating though ultimately a bit depressing. Are we all running around this same closed loop of web sites, services and applications? Whatever happened to the web as some kind of limitless universe?

What's also interesting is who is stuck out on a suburban branch line - the equivalent of Epping - on the edge rather than the centre of the map.

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