Friday, 17 August 2007

It's possible for all to play in the Global IT market
Excitedly, I picked up the recent Business Week top 100 IT companies in July …(yes I’m one of those people that still gets excited about those kind of lists)…’s always interesting to see who the great movers and shakers are, particularly in this rapidly changing IT world ….it could be anybody’s game right now. One thing that struck me more than ever is how ‘global’ the top 100 is and also the range of markets that they cover…The IT industry is now truly global developing exciting leading edge technolgies in an array of countries from Spain and Russia to Mexico. Perhaps surprisingly, the US only had 7 entrants in the top 20 and Asia Pac just 3…And also whilst the usual brand names are in there such as EMC, Cisco and the like, there are others much lesser known names who I expect we will hear much more about long-term such as Telenor,Tata Consultancy Services and Softbank – also giants in their own right but lesser known than their US counterparts. What also struck me in this latest global 100 tech report is the diversity of technologies and markets - from mobile technology to outsourcing through to web-based companies….I expect that next time we will see more web and online companies in that list…

Today, a truly global market…we’ve all got a part to play on this international stage where it’s possible for even small companies to do global business.


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