Friday, 8 February 2008

Sangria, chorizo y todas las cosas moviles

It’s that time again and Barcelona is no doubt coming alive with the buzz and anticipation that only one event brings every year around this time: The Mobile World Congress 2008. Ahead of the mobile industry’s biggest annual event next week, news announcements are already starting to gather speed.

So why should you care? Well - Robert Redford will be attending the event.

On a more serious note, you can expect to see all kinds of interesting announcements from device manufacturers and carriers. Handset manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Sony Ericsson will be showcasing their latest models. It’s also rumored that a prototype running Google’s Android will be on display.

This year, like others previously, a big part of the debate is likely to focus on how to encourage users in developed countries to use their phones for more than simply making calls. Operators are increasingly eager for us to use our mobiles for Internet services, games, music downloading or watching television. Then you’ve got popular online social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook moving to the mobile and the one question on many minds will be: what will be the killer mobile social networking app?

Whilst a few of my colleagues will be burning the carpets at the show, I will be closely monitoring the announcements, tracking the success of our client Mobile Complete, who will be showcasing their DeviceAnywhere Pro application.. oh and last but not least I shall be deciding on my next mobile handset :o)

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