Wednesday, 3 October 2007

good news for recruitment

Code of practice for headhunters

What great news, PR Week 28th September 07, a code of practice has been launched to stop that ridiculous practice of recruitment agencies poaching staff they have only recently placed with an employer.

It's been rife in the PR industry for many years now. Every two years, a PR agency knows that the recruitment agency will be back in touch with the person they placed, encouraging them back out again …so just as the individual was starting to make a real impact on the business and more importantly on client work…invariably the recruitment agency will be encouraging them out again and they get fees twice over for doing virtually nothing other than making a phone call.

However, just because there is a new code of practice…I suspect (judging from the reaction of the recruitment agents) that nothing much will change. The challenge now will be to make sure it is taken seriously and actually implemented across the industry..until such time as they find a way of doing that, we are just paying lip service to the problem. And of course, ultimately, the problem remains the we all know good PR people are few and far between.


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