Thursday, 4 October 2007

High Tech May Avoid US Economic Blues

I just had the pleasure of returning from my reconnaissance mission in San Francisco. It’s a city known for its tech haven and occasional earthquake, but I would prefer to avoid thinking about earthquakes given I’ll be heading out there to open up shop for GBC this month.

Even with talk of the sub-prime mortgage crisis echoing in the background, the tech market seems to be determined to steam ahead. It was good to hear so many felt that the heady days of ‘99 are back. No one is whispering about working for an Internet start-up and are proud to admit they are apart of the Web 2.0 bonanza.

Nonetheless, everyone was much more open about admitting to the mistakes made in Web 1.0 and ensuring they learn from them.

Upon boarding the plane back to the UK, I was left with the distinct impression that while everyone is open to the possibility of another tech crash there's still a lot of money seeking home and adding fuel to the fire…which certainly bodes well for a tech PR agency eager to take part in the action.

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