Friday, 23 November 2007

Corporate citizenship is the way forward according to US survey
The recent US PR Week survey highlighted interesting trends with regards to corporate citizenship and the environment.

Refreshingly corporate citizenship and environmental issues are becoming increasingly important for bosses and employees alike.

One company interviewed ensures that all their products are eco-friendly and all their new buildings have an ‘eco structure’. The company also supports volunteerism by its employees and donates money for the hours employees donate to charitable efforts.

The survey also highlighted that new recruits just coming out of school have been raised to be socially aware. So for them joining companies that are looking after the environment is very important. In the US, the survey revealed that the fastest growing sector is the non profit sector because people want to do work that has a social impact….for this new generation a socially beneficial role is amongst the most important criteria for their long-term careers.

Good corporate citizenship and looking after the environment are fast becoming at the top of most peoples’ agenda, both at home and in the workplace. I suspect we are just at the start of something that will change our lifestyles forever.


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