Monday, 19 November 2007

US CEO media doesn't play a role!

Last week’s US PR Week annual survey of CEOs produced in conjunction with global PR giant Burson Marstellar, reveals some interesting or should I say disappointing facts about todays CEOs running some of the world’s most successful organisations.

It seems that these more ‘traditional’ CEOs aren’t quite there yet when it comes to social media and embracing our new online world. Whilst they cite their own ‘accessibility’ to customers and employees as being crucial for good communication, they don’t consider social media as being a useful tool in achieving this. Instead they’d rather consume many hours on planes, airports and hotel rooms (adding to our environmental problem) and zooming from one office location to the next (when they could be doing podcasts, webinars or even communicating via Facebook and YouTube). The research simply brushes over the new social media tools (and in fact blogging comes bottom of their list).

“We are still in the analogue world when it comes to communication”!!!!!What...did I really read that correctly?

Instead high on the list for influential PR is the non-controversial stuff like speaking opportunities at community events and trade shows, traditional sponsorship and networking events. The CEOs considered these to be the most important PR tools.

Thankfully not all companies are so traditional when it comes to communication. Serena Software has just announced to its staff that Friday is a Facebook day, when all staff downtools and collaborate on Facebook (BusinessWeek) with the objective that it builds teamwork and camaraderie amongst the teams. Now, I’m not suggesting we all do that, but what a refreshing approach to internal comms.

It will be interesting to see how CEOs views change in the next three to five years as social media comes more into the mainstream.

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