Thursday, 15 November 2007

Next stop….Rehab!

“We only have 300 test tubes, do you think that will be enough shots on the door?”

This was the question my colleague was asking me this time two weeks ago, as we prepared for the infamous GBC and Chocolate Communications media party. To be honest I was unsure, we had an unprecedented amount of media RSVP this year, ranging from influential UK bloggers to journalists who had once upon a time received all press releases in the post.

The tongue in cheek ‘Break Free from Rehab’ theme had already resulted in a real buzz about the party and we didn’t want to disappoint. In retrospect we had nothing to worry about, even though we had almost 200 journalists in attendance we were well prepared.

The venue was perfect; a new place in Soho, London called Club 49. The staff were also fantastic, quickly creating an assortment of tasty shots for consumption by the attendees who didn’t have an early start the next day (or had simply forgot). The role of these shots in the decision to have a break dancing competition at midnight is also still up for debate.

The only complaint of the night – that the next party isn’t until the new year. But at least some comfort can be taken from the fact they can still check out the pics on this Flikr site.

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