Thursday, 8 November 2007

Hello?....I'm on a plane right now

So... using a mobile on board a flight is becoming a reality, according to not only Ofcom but Ryanair who were pleased to announce the new service to passengers on their entire fleet from 2008. While some airlines seem to be excited about this, I have so far not come across anyone who thinks this will do anything in the way of improving their in-flight experience. In fact, I recently saw that The Daily Telegraph started a petition to keep airlines mobile free citing passenger sanity and security reasons and so far 5,332 readers have signed up.

Having travelled by plane only yesterday and experienced voicemails, screeching ringtones and reminders beeping through the cabin seconds after touch down, the potential horror of allowing mobiles on planes hit me. It's hard enough to sleep on any flight or even relax with a good book. Imagine trying to sleep with the sound of your fellow passenger making a call explaining what he's just had for lunch, where he is on the world map, what films he'll be watching.. the list is endless and we know these types of conversations too well from train and bus journeys.... Now imagine a Boeing 747 with 490 mobile phones on board. While I'm all for technology, in this case I really do enjoy having a mobile free in-flight experience.

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